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For Lightroom 3/4/5/6/CC2015.

The 2014 HTML Gallery is a holiday gift to the Lightroom community, a reimagining and much needed modernization of Lightroom’s HTML Gallery, rebuilt from scratch with new features and available to download for FREE.

Demonstration Gallery

The 2014 HTML Gallery includes the following features:

  • Modern, responsive design for tablets, mobile phones and other small displays.
  • Fully customize colors, content and layout.
  • Google Maps support for images geotagged via the Map module.
  • New “smart grid system” keeps your thumbnails in check.
  • Hide the gallery description on pages subsequent to the first (optional).
  • Includes 22 starter templates.
  • Built with HTML5, CSS and a smidgeon of Javascript; no server-side code.

Because the 2014 HTML Gallery is built entirely of client-side HTML, it can be run online or offline. You can create a family photo album, load it onto a flash drive and hand it out to family members as gifts!

The plugin has been translated by members of the Lightroom community into several languages. The 2014 HTML Gallery currently runs in the following languages:

  • Chinese
  • Danish
  • English
  • French
  • German
  • Italian
  • Korean

Edit the included localization strings to add your own translation for any language supported by Lightroom. Please send new translations to The Turning Gate for inclusion in future updates.

System Requirements

The 2014 HTML Gallery runs in Lightroom’s Web module, and requires Lightroom 3/4/5/6/CC2015; this is not standalone software. The gallery can be loaded anywhere that HTML is supported, online or offline.

When online, web-hosting is required. Hosted website services such as those provided by LiveBooks, Squarespace, etc. do not qualify as web hosting and are incompatible with output from TTG plugins.


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Only available as a digital download.

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